A serial Killers Ink Exclusive

The views and opinions expressed by Anthony Sowell are the sole opinions of Mr. Sowell and do not reflect the opinions or views of staff
or anyone associated with Serial Killers Ink outside of Anthony Sowell. We are simply the messenger.

In believing that everyone has a right to be heard, we are offering Tony a public forum where he is free to voice his thoughts,
views and opinions without misconception, spin or damnation.

Prisoners forfeit many rights when they are incarcerated, but they do not forfeit their freedom of speech. These basic rights may
be limited only to the extent necessary to maintain prison security, and that is clearly not the issue here

This four page letter from Anthony Edward Sowell is dated November 5th, 2012 and is in response to a Plain Dealer article from October 30, 2012
You can read that article here: Serial killer Anthony Sowell's prison art advertised for sale