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John Norman Collins - Typed Letter Signed and Envelope


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John Chapman aka John Norman Collins In Michigan from 1967 through 1969 John Norman Collins attacked woman at random, with the ferocity of a wild animal. His "see and kill" approach to serial killing predated Ted Bundy's similar exploits 7 years before Bundy was active. All 8 of his female victims had been raped, beaten, skewered with various sharp objects, raped, and strangled. Almost all victims were found with more than 50 stab/puncture wounds to their bodies. He would taunt the police by leaving cryptic clues at the crime scenes, like a flower pedal for the number of each victim. He was also heavily into the S&M bondage lifestyle, and also had an extreme hatred of women on their menstrual cycle, often beating his lovers and making them feel guilty for experiencing such a normal occurrence. He was only sentenced to 20 years in prison.

Four page typed letter signed John in pen. Letter is general content. Original matching typed envelope is included.

Product Code: JCOLLINS1E


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