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Jessica Holtmeyer - Handmade/Drawn Friendship Card


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Jessica Holtmeyer, 16, thought that Kimberly Jo Dotts, a learning-disabled girl, might snitch on her for planning to run away to Florida she put a noose around her neck and hanged her from a tree. After Dotts was let down, she gasped for breath, indicating she was still alive. Holtmeyer then used a basketball-size rock to smash the girl’s face. Holtmeyer later admitted she had wanted to cut the victim in pieces, scatter the body parts in the woods, and keep a finger as a souvenir. Holtmeyer was sentences to life in prison for the murder.

Handmade and hand drawn friendship card on construction paper. Handwritten message written on the inside signed Jessica. Original matching handwritten envelope is included.

Product Code: JHOLT153E


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