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Øystein Aarseth - EURONYMOUS - Typed Letter and Envelope


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Øystein Aarseth 22 March 1968 – 10 August 1993, better known by his stage name Euronymous, was a Norwegian guitarist. Euronymous was a founder of and central figure in the early Norwegian black metal scene. He was a co-founder of the Norwegian black metal band Mayhem. He was also founder and owner of the extreme metal record label Deathlike Silence Productions and record shop Helvete. In August 1993, he was murdered by fellow musician Varg Vikernes. In May 1994, Vikernes was found guilty of murder as well as multiple church arsons, and sentenced to 21 years in prison. In March 2009, however, his parole was announced. He had then served 15 years of his 21-year sentence. On 22 May 2009, he confirmed that he had been released from prison on probation.

Aarseth formed Mayhem in 1984 along with bassist Jørn 'Necrobutcher' Stubberud and drummer Kjetil Manheim. At the time he was going by the stage name 'Destructor' but later changed his name to Euronymous, derived from the demon Eurynomos.

On 8 April 1991, vocalist Dead committed suicide. He was found by Euronymous with slit wrists and a shotgun wound to the head. Before calling the police, he went to a shop and bought a disposable camera with which he photographed the body, after re-arranging some items. One of these photographs was later used as the cover of a bootleg live album: Dawn of the Black Hearts.

In early 1993, animosity arose between Euronymous and Vikernes, and between Euronymous and the Swedish black metal scene. On the night of 10 August 1993, Vikernes and Snorre 'Blackthorn' Ruch drove from Bergen to Euronymous' apartment at Tøyengata in Oslo. Upon their arrival a confrontation began and Vikernes fatally stabbed Euronymous. His body was found on the stairs outside the apartment with 23 stab wounds – two to the head, five to the neck, and 16 to the back. Euronymous' murder was initially blamed on Swedish black metallers by the media.

Four page typed letter signed in full in pen from 1992. Letter content centers on the early Norwegian black metal scene and the plans of the band Mayhem. Original typed envelope is also included. This is not a copy, it is the original letter and envelope set. Watermarks appear on scan only and not the actual letter.

Product Code: EURO20171E


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