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Alfred Gaynor - Original 8X11 Artwork


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Product Information

Alfred J. Gaynor is an American serial killer and rapist who killed nine women in Springfield, Massachusetts.

Alfred Gaynor was born in 1966 in Springfield, Massachusetts. Gaynor, a former handyman and crack addict worked odd jobs in the 1990s. He met several of his victims in a mutual search for crack cocaine and robbed some for drug money after strangling and raping them. Three of the women's bodies were found by their children. He killed 9 women between April 1995 and February 1998.

Gaynor was arrested on April 10, 1998. He was originally convicted of murdering JoAnn C. Thomas, Loretta Daniels, Rosemary A. Downs and Joyce L. Dickerson-Peay and sentenced to life in prison on May 19, 2000. In 2006, he admitted to the other rapes and murders. Gaynor admitted to killing Vera E. Hallums, Jill Ann Ermellini, Robin M. Atkins and Yvette Torres in a plea deal with his nephew Paul L. Fickling, who had been sentenced to life in prison after being convicted of the murders of Amy Smith and Destiny Smith on Nov. 17, 1998. Gaynor admitted to killing Smith and Fickling pleaded guilty to manslaughter, reducing his sentence to 19 to 20 years in prison minus the 14 he had already served.

Original 8" X 11" artwork in color pencil and marker on paper. Initialed AG on the front. Signed in full, numbered, titled and dated on the back.

Product Code: AGAYNOR20174E


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