New products added June 2022

- We no longer ship orders anywhere outside of the United States -
It saddens us to announce that we have ceased international/overseas shipping - but we feel that this is the right decision. COVID has caused an overabundance of mail related service issues and delays world-wide that we no longer feel confident or secure shipping products to locations outside of the United States. It's just not feasible to ship packages around the world, that in today's reality, 
may take months to arrive - or may simply not arrive at all. It's not fair or worth the stress to us and/or customers to have to chase down lost packages that span multiple continents as well as multiple shipping/postal services.

Shipping to our customers inside the United States remains unchanged and service as usual.

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Latest Products
Charles Manson - Signed Card and Envelope
$600.00 $500.00
Charles Manson - Handwritten Letter and Envelope
$700.00 $600.00
Dennis Nilsen - Muswell Hill Murderer - Handwritten Letter and Envelope (DECEASED)
$2,500.00 $1,600.00
Richard Ramirez - The Night Stalker - Handwritten Letter and Envelope with Signed Drawing
$850.00 $600.00
Joel Rifkin - JOEL THE RIPPER - Christmas Card and Envelope + Handwritten Letter
$200.00 $100.00
Henry Lee Lucas - 8X11 Pen/Marker Artwork 'Toucan Sam'
$900.00 $700.00
John Wayne Gacy - 16X20 Hollywood Monsters Signed Twice