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Murderchicks - The GHOULS of Serial Killers Ink - An offshoot macabre modeling section of the website serialkillersink.net

If you would like to become a GHOUL of Serial Killers Ink please send inquiries to murderchicks@serialkillersink.net

To be accepted as one of our Murderchicks we require:

- You are over the age of 18
- Female models only
- You have your own photographer and submit a professional set of photo series of at least 20 hi-res photographs to us
- Images are to ONLY be 800x1200 or 1200x800 (portrait/landscape) ANY other sized photographs will NOT be used.
- Photographs are not required to be serial killer related but must fit into the confines of our existence.
- Accept that your photographs will become the property of Serial Killers Ink and will be used on
the website itself as well as any number of our social networking sites such as facebook, instagram and tumblr as well may be used in advertisements for the website.
- Be aware that the possibility exists that you or your photographs may be mentioned in any
number of news stories done in regards to serialkillersink.net
- You must sign a release stating you give us the rights to use your photographs and image. This form can be signed, scanned and emailed back to us.

If this sounds like something you would be interested in we would love to have you on our website!

email us at: