Q and A with Bernard Giles
October 09

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What is your favorite type of ice cream?Bernard Giles
It'd have to be moose tracks

Why do you think people are fascinated with violence?
I don't know. Perhaps it's a vicarious expression of their own frustrated desire to strangle someone. After I was arrested I had people come up to me and say that they'd always wanted to do that.

If you were released  tomorrow what would you do?
I'd leave the country. America's a fuckin' police state. Try to tell yourself it isn't the next time they tell you to piss in a cup or cite you because your lawn needs to be cut or you paint your house the wrong color of beige or you have a drug dog with it's nose stuck in the crack of your ass. And remember: BTK was a compliance officer...

 If you could go back, what would you do differently?
Body disposal, I guess. If there's no body, there's no crime. Don't litter. No, actually I'd catch the young Mr. Giles crossing a mall parking lot and put a foot so far up his ass he'd taste his own toes. We're talking broken bones here. Maybe a week or two in a nice restful coma. I honestly can't think of anything I could say to that psychotic asshole that would have deterred him so I'd just have to settle out of court for all the shit he got me in.

How did you pick your victims?
Mostly opportunity. it had to be a situation where they would no be associated with me, of course. Hitchhikers generally. Bar flies. A singer in a band. a go-go dancer. Women living at the edge, not likely to be missed or lamented beyond the circle of their friends and family. Americans grant a certain amount of permission if your victims are morally diminished. Some will get mad about that statement, and should, but it's true and they know it. In the movie "The Fly" the main character goes out and gets a bar fly when they need for him to kill a female victim.

Why DID you kill?
It was very basically sexual in nature. The killing was not to cover up a sex act, as in rape/murder, the killing WAS a sex act. I have committed rapes, but these women always survived and interestingly enough, none ever reported me.

What kinds of movies do you watch?
Horror mostly. I usually identify with the monster. if the monster is initially human he's generally  turned by some cruel twist of fate and his victims are usually female. An example would be "Secret of Spider Island" An airplane (it's a very old movie) carrying a troop of show girls crashes. One of the surviving males is bitten by a large spider which transforms him into a "spider man" who, naturally, begins killing his way though the dancers.

Any unusual events related to your victims?
Once I visited an area where I'd previously killed someone. It was in the woods and I got stuck so I walked pout for help. By the time we get back to the car the sun has set. We start rocking the car to get it out and the lights are all on so there's all of this shadow motion in the trees. There's also a month old corpse about a hundred feet from where we are of course. I'm the only one who knows this and because I'm still just a bit afraid of the dark all I can think is that this would be a really great beginning for a zombie movie. One of the people involved later puts me at the scene. This causes me a problem later. An asshole named Jerry Schaeffer, who's in prison for the same kind of shit, writes a book (thankfully out of print) in which he alleges I was having sex with a month old body. Have you ever seen a month old dead dog? People are the same/ We're talking bones and dried skin here. Hair and teeth. I was curious as to what someone looks like after a month in the Florida sun and now I know. Jerry was later murdered ('93 I believe) for being a rat. His killer stabbed him to death in his bed, then cut out his eye and tossed it out the window.

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